Dewei Hematology Analyzer for Animals (Veterinary)

Brand: Dewei
Origin: China


  • Accurate measurement of low-value PLT
    Advanced impedance technology
    Ensure accuracy of PLT
  • Fluidic patent technology
    Innovative technology
    High efficiency
    Free of maintenance
    Good reliability
  • Large LCD touch screen
    High resolution and colorful screen
    High sensitivity of operation by wearing gloves
  • Low running cost
    2 reagents only
    Low reagent consumption of single test
  • Low sample volume consumption
    Anticoagulant whole blood 9.6uL
    Pred diluted blood 20uL
  • Easy operation
    One-Click to run test
    One-Click of troubleshooting
    One interface of whole daily operation

Download DW-36VET Hematology Analyzer for Animals Brochure

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