Medical Grade Coverall Protective Suit (Isolation Gown)

  • Blue taped seams across the suit for better protection and increased durability
  • DISPOSABLE PROTECTIVE GARMENT: Disposable garment is made of high density polypropylene non-woven fabrics protective perfect for professional users when working in an environment with liquids and airborne particles.
  • BREATHABLE PROTECTIVE SUITS: Breathable protective suits provides an ideal balance of protection, durability and comfort. The comfort fit design based on wearer input provides a comfortable garment. The trusted protection can be counted on the most critical environment by well against dirt, grease and light liquid splash.
  • MULTI APPLICABLE COVERALL: The chemical protective suit is tailored for protective body suit against halmful air or gases keeping professionals both safe and comfortable on the job. For example factory, biological technology, experimental study, medical area, food processing, hospital, disposable and chemical area. It works pretty well against all sorts of insulation.
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