Plasma Thawing System

This Plasma Thawing System equipment is “Class II” medical device, providing a safety heating and stabilized temperature for thawing frozen plasma or blood products and other medical, biological and scientific products.

6 Baskets for 6 Blood bags, Magic-Bag prevents containment



  • Memory presets temperature at 36.5ºC and 15 minutes easy for use.
  • Automatically Heating if temperature less than 36.5ºC when switch on power. Or alarm to decrease temperature if above 37.5ºC.
  • Overheating alarm to 37.5ºC ensuring safety for plasma and blood
  • Efficient heating function accelerating to 37ºC within short time from ambient.
  • Independent controls and LED display for each basket


  • Polished stainless steel chamber and baskets.
  • Double-walled construction insulated with glass fiber to maintain the temperature.
  • Exterior case made by heavy gauge steel with powder coated, scratch & corrosion free.
  • Drain valve help refresh water and cleaning.


  • Drain valve help change water. Suggest clean bath everyday.
  • Do not use bleaching powder or bleaching agents for cleaning.

Magic-Bag Protection:

  • Comes with snap-seal bag to isolate the plasma from the internal water supply, preventing from the possible contamination.
  • The Magic-Bag material won’t create plasticizer at 36.5ºC ~ 37.0ºC. No worry about water contamination.
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