Geotech CO2 and O2 Portable Analyzer

Product Name: CO2 and O2 Portable Analyzer

Brand: Geotech

Origin: UK

Geotech manufactures and supplies portable carbon dioxide monitors for use in incubator laboratories to verify IVF and stem cell research applications. Incubators need to run at a constant temperature, humidity and CO2 level to maintain the correct conditions for optimum cell growth, embryo cultures and IVF. Whilst incubators have a built-in system for monitoring CO2, portable CO2 analysers quickly and accurately confirm the CO2, O2, humidity and temperature levels.

Our carbon dioxide analyzers are also used to monitor indoor air quality. A significant increase in CO2 within buildings can cause Sick Building Syndrome, this can potentially cause illness to the staff located in that environment. It is therefore important to monitor levels of indoor CO2, as well as maintaining appropriate levels of O2, temperature and humidity. Our analyzers are also used to monitor carbon dioxide for food processing, composting and border control – checking for CO2 inside vehicles could indicate if they are carrying stowaways.

About Geotech’s Portable CO2 Analyzer

  • The G100 is a portable CO2 analyser used by embryologists and lab technicians
  • it enables quick verification and validation of CO2 levels in incubators
  • Used and distributed globally to the medical and research industries
  • CO2 measurement levels between 0-20%
  • Improved accuracy on CO2 readings
  • Optional extra gases: measures O2 (0-100%); dual temperature probe (0-50 degrees C); humidity sensor (0-100%)
  • Large data storage and data download available for all your readings
  • G100 accessories are available so you can make more of your unit by allowing further measuring options
  • The G100 comes with a one year warranty
  • Lightweight, sturdy, easy to carry around the laboratory


  1. Accurate readings and quick verification of CO2 incubator levels – a reading takes under a minute
  2. Using one instrument makes analysis simple and easy
  3. Built in gas moisture removal protects the G100 from water ingress
  4. Dual temperature probes help you to adjust the temperature to stabilise conditions within your incubator and helps you analyse temperature variation
  5. The G100’s easy to read menu and large, well lit display makes data readings quick and simple
  6. User friendly software specifically created for the G100 helps you make sense of your data storage and download

Used by

  • Embryologists
  • Lab technicians
  • Scientists
  • Stem cell researchers
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