Hygro Thermo Meter

A handheld hygro thermometer which allows simultaneous measurement of relative humidity and temperature.


  1. Reasonable price, Lightweight, and Compact.
  2. Microprocessor based for fast and accurate measurements.
  3. Simultaneous display Humidity and Temperature.
  4. Multi-functions: Data-hold, Max/Min, Record, Hi & Low alarm setting.
  5. Low battery indication and auto/manual power shut off.


Range1~99.9 % RH-40~60°C (-40~140°F)
Accuracy±2.5 % RH±0.3°C
Resolution0.1 %0.1°C
Sensor100 ohm RTD/Thin polymer capacitor
PowerDC 9V battery, life span 200 consecutive hours
Weight165 g
Dimension85 x 30 x 1200 mm
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