Gemmy Digital Dry Bath Incubator

Brand: Gemmy
Origin: Taiwan

Dry Bath Incubators provide a controlled dry heat environment. Apply to incubate DNA specimens, cross-matching, and screens in blood bank, incubating melted agar; Enzyme assays, digestions, residue tests for milk and also great for serology, hematology, pathology, and biochemistry, etc. ideal for use in Hospital, Lab center, clinic, biochemistry.


  • Activate the auto-off function to automatically shut out the heater at the end of timed cycle.
  • Digital temperature display for actual temperature PV and setting SV.
  • Each block has a well to accommodate a removable thermometer, which monitors the temperature of blocks.
  • Timer start working when the preset temperature has been stabilized ensures an accurate incubation effect.
  • When complete the heat cycling, the timer will alarm and display “END”.
  • Memory stores the set temperature and time of the previous operation, use these set points to repeat the new operation, and save time or preset our new desired set points.
  • Some models accommodate 2 blocks with cover for microplate test. Comes with a handle to remove the block for safety.
  • Some models feature double-wall construction with insulator by fiberglass for durability and good heat retention. The maximum temperature is designed up to 150ºC capable of functioning more applications.
  • Safety devices: Over-temperature alarm; Heating failure alarm.
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