Benchtop Centrifuge

Our centrifuges  are “Class I” medical device, it is to provide a desired testing within the range up to 15000rpm for different test tubes containing diagnostic specimens for blood separation of Red blood cell, Leucocytes, plasma, serum, platelet, urine etc. for qualitative or quantitative test procedures. Then proceed with the further diagnostic examinations and checkup for general purpose, PRP or the related disease syndrome of the patients. It is ideal for use in hospital, Clinics, Laboratory Center.

Features & Technical Data :

  • Sophisticated and user-friendly design with ERROR detection
  • Choice of versatile rotors interchangeable to meet your lab purpose.
  • Brushless DC drive motor features low temperature, quiet operation and maintenance free.
  • Automatic braking system at the end of run. Braking time can be altered upon request when ordering
  • Stainless steel interior chamber. A transparent viewfinder on top easy to monitor the rotor spinning.
  • For safety purpose, the motor can’t spin when lid is opened.
  • Imbalance alarm prevents damage by gently bringing rotor to a complete stop.
  • Overheating sensor detects temperature of motor and driver.
  • Interlocking lid prevents accidental opening during operation. Override lets you open lid in case of power failure.
  • LID can’t be opened only when plug power to ON position.
  • Module microprocessor-based circuit board ensures excellent performance and easy for maintenance.
  • PLC-036HS functions programs to identify rotor type for an accurate RCF for each rotor by gentle touch the key.
  • Function to stabilize power output within the range of 24VDC preventing voltage surge accidentally.
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