Sound Level Meter

This sound level meter is a hand-held device for measuring the acoustic intensity and the sound pressure level.


  1. Backlight display.
  2. Auto range and auto power off.
  3. Min/Max storage and recall
  4. Test range from 30 to 130 dB.
  5. A & C frequency weighting.
  6. Fast & slow dynamic characteristic models.


DS 102
Range:Lo: 30-80 dB
Med: 50-100 dB
Hi: 80-130 dB
Accuracy:±1.5 dB(ref 94dB@1 KHz)
Resolution:0.1 dB
Microphone:1/2 inch Electret condenser microphone
Frequency weighting:A, C
Analog DC output:10mV/dB, impedance approx. 100 ohm
Dynamic range:50 dB
Frequency range:20 Hz-8 KHz
Battery:DC 9V
Dimensions:280 x 80 x 32 mm
Weight:290 g (with battery)
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