LN2 Cryogenic Freezer, Vapor Phase

CryoMatrix Series Vapor Phase Cryogenic Freezer

CryoMatrix Cryogenic Freezer series high-efficiency vapor phase liquid nitrogen storage system provides the most ideal storage conditions for biological samples. The whole series realize -190°C vapor phase storage. Supported by LN2 automatic filling system and temperature & LN2 level monitoring system, CryoMatrix freezers provide all-round protection to precious sample, assisting life science research and cell therapy applications. Based on the actual needs of users, it has been innovatively optimized the performance, structure and control system of the vapor-phase cryogenic freezer to meet the user’s highest standard of large-capacity vapor-phase cryogenic storage requirements.

Key Features

  • Multiple capacity freezers, from 370L to 1800L, 2.0ml vials storage capacity from 15,600 to 94,500.
  • Excellent temperature uniformity and stability, enabling samples to be stored at -190°C vapor phase environment.
  • Excellent vacuum performance and structural design ensure minimum liquid nitrogen consumption and lower storage costs.
  • Advanced temperature, liquid level monitoring and alarm system, and can realize remote monitoring.
  • Automatic supply of liquid nitrogen, safe and labor-saving.
  • The liquid nitrogen supply system is controlled by multiple solenoid valves, which can effectively prevent the overflow of liquid nitrogen and sample contamination caused by high LN2 level.
  • Manual filling available under special circumstances.
  • Compatible with vapor phase and liquid phase storage modes, users can choose according to their needs.
  • The optimized mechanism design realizes high-density storage to save space.
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