CytoTherm Dry Plasma (Blood Bag) Thawer- 450 mL Capacity

Equipment: Dry Plasma (Blood Bag) Thawer
Brand: CytoTherm
Origin: USA

The CytoTherm CT-DR Dry Plasma Thawer is a laboratory instrument that uses a patented thawing system (US Pat No. 6,748,164 B1) to thaw plasma while keeping the plasma bags dry throughout the thawing process.  Tempered water from an isolated water bath is recirculated through a bladder.  Frozen plasma bags are placed on one part of the bladder while the rest of the bladder is folded over to cover the plasma bags.  During the thawing process, the pressurized bladder conforms to the shape of the plasma bags for efficient heat transfer and temperature uniformity, while the rocking action agitates and circulates the thawing contents of the plasma bag.

The CT-DR comes with a rack that will thaw up to 6 plasma bags (450 ml) at a time (or 3 larger 1,000 ml bags at a time).  The plasma bags remain visible during thawing so the operator can see when it has been fully thawed.  Plasma bag leakage is isolated to one of three separate sections and if a leak is detected, the thawing stops and an alarm sounds. The contained water system isolates the plasma bags and the operator away from the circulating water and is significantly less likely to compromise sterility.


  • Thaws up to 6 plasma bags (450 ml) of Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP) at a time
  • Water never touches the plasma bag – contained water system isolates the plasma bags & operator away from circulating water; significantly less likely to compromise sterility
  • Uses a patented rocking action to force the floating, frozen portion of the plasma back and forth inside of the plasma bag, agitating and circulating the thawing plasma
  • Bright white, corrosion-resistant, sanitary PVC construction is easy to clean & maintain
  • Low maintenance burden – unit needs to be drained & cleaned once every three months
  • Temperature setting from 25.0°C to 40.0°C (preset to 37.0°C) accurate to ±0.1°C
  • Leak sensors trigger visual and audio alarms
  • Primary and secondary overheat protection systems
  • Audible and visual high-temperature alarm with self-test
  • Thaw time fully programmable (to within 1 min)
  • Thaw temperature fully programmable (to within 0.1°C)
  • FDA Cleared and CE Marked
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