GenScript Immune Checkpoint and GPCR Stable Cell Lines

Immune Checkpoint Stable Cell Lines

Inhibitors of immune-checkpoint proteins, such as PD1, PD-L1, VISTA, Tim3 and Lag3, have indicated broad and diverse opportunities to increase antitumor immunity by enhancing T cell activity with the potential to produce durable clinical responses. To meet these needs, we have developed stable cell line products expressing the most popular immune checkpoints to accelerate your immunotherapy drug discovery and achieve US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval. All these stable cells are developed for screening high affinity antibodies against immune checkpoint proteins.

Key features:

  • High protein expression at the cell surface validated by FACS
  • Stable cell lines for increased reliability and reproducibility (over 15 passages)
  • Ready to use hot targets, saving 3-5 months of drug discovery program

GPCR Stable Cell Lines

GenScript offers a wide selection of GPCR stable cell lines. Proprietary codon optimization and vector design technologies enable GenScript to overcome low functional protein expression at the cell surface. All of the cell lines have been optimized for S/B ratio in calcium flux assays, FRET assays, or chemiluminescent assays.

Key features:

  • Gα15 expressing cells can be used directly for FLIPR analysis
  • Stable cell lines for increased reliability and reproducibility
  • Flexible functional readouts are available

For the list of available cell lines, CLICK HERE.

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