Roller Mixer

3-Dimentional Rocking Rolling.

– Fixed speed and Adjustable
– 2 modes of operation: Timer and Switch

Roller mixers provide a gentle but highly efficient rocking and rolling motions, ideal for mixing blood samples, viscous substances and liquid-solid suspensions. Used in a variety applications, prevention of blood coagulation and immune precipitation etc.

Features :

  • Our Roller Mixers have been designed with functions, reliability and safety in mind, providing a gentle and quiet rocking and rolling mixing at a fixed speed of 40rpm or adjustable speed from 10 – 40rpm for blood samples, Reagents, viscous substances and others that rocking and rolling action is required.
  • The rocking and rolling action is motioned simultaneously by the built-in POM gears quietly and smoothly.
  • 19mm diameter eccentric to produce 3-dimension rocking at both sides.
  • Operates for continuous or set time for intermittent operation up to 180minutes with HOLD function.
  • Choice of 7 rollers or 5 rollers to meet your requirements.

Modes of Operation:

Fixed speed at 40rpm or adjustable from 10 ~ 40rpm (±3rpm)
(Set fixed speed to 40rpm by pressing switch to FIXED position or set adjustable speed by pressing switch to VR position)

  1. Timer activated for intermittent operation
  2. Timer HOLD for continuous operation
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