Hand-Tally Differential Counter

Do you need to count something, and accuracy is important? You need a “tally counter.” Tally counters come in many shapes and sizes, and can be either mechanical or electronic. The type of tally counter that’s best for you depends on a few factors:

  • what you’re counting
  • where you’re doing the counting
  • the speed at which you need to count
  • how many things you need to count at one time

In the laboratory, hand-tally differential counters are typically used for counting blood cells, but can be used for many types of research.


  • 5 and 8 units Lab-count with Totalizer. For simplifying differential blood cell counts.
  • Represents the normal Schilling groups of Leucocytes, i.e. Baso, Eoisn., Seg., Lymph., Mono. along with Myelo., Juven., Stab. The above each key is the name and picture of particular cell.
  • Each stroke registers both in the unit corresponding to its pressed key and in the totalizer.
  • When a total of every 100 cells are counted, a bell rings or a sound buzzes. The process can be extended to 200, 300… etc.
  • Counter clockwise rotate handle, it will clear all figures. Or just press “CLEAR” key to clear all figures.
  • Functions CLEAR, Percentage, Decrease and Lock.
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