Stat Fax 4200 Semi- Automated ELISA Analyzer

Stat Fax 4200 Microplate Reader is a space-saving, standalone, 8-channel system with bichromatic optics from Awareness Technology. Designed to meet the requirements of modern laboratories, the reader delivers high throughput and enhanced productivity.

The high-performance Stat Fax 4200 performs fully-automatic readings for 96 wells in about 12 seconds with full user command and minimal errors. The operator is given step-by-step user prompting for onboard data diminution computations, which include curve fitting, regressions, and cutoff absorbance calculations. The integrated thermal graphics printer also allows the system to plot standard curves.

Equipped with an interactive touch-screen LCD with USB mouse option, the Stat Fax 4200 instrument offers pre-programmed modes for performing the most commonly used calculations including single point calibration, point-to-point curve fit, polynomial regression, linear and sigmoidal regression (log and linear), cutoff absorbance, multipoint % absorbance.

Other superior features of the Stat Fax 4200 reader include user-programmable open system, selectable plate formatting, alphanumeric test naming, automatic interpretation options, duplicate well options, curve plotting and editing, and flags and error messages.


  • Measures Absorbance of 96 wells in approximately 12 seconds
  • Easy to use with touch-screen display and built-in printer
  • Selectable plate formatting will read trays containing microwell strips
  • Monochromatic or bichromatic reading
  • Uses standard microwell plates for all reactions open system
  • Four filter model (405 nm – 630 nm)
  • Optional 6 filter VIS model (405 nm – 630 nm)
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