Tabletop Refrigerated Centrifuge -20 to +40 Degree Celsius

This Tabletop Refrigerated Centrifuge stands out among the same level products with their versatility, running features and easy handling. It can act as a different model to meet all your application needs: microcentrifuge for DNA precipitations, high-capacity and low-to-high speed general-purpose centrifuge for cell application. TCV and TCR have a variety of rotors, with capacity up to 6 x 250ml dome tubes or 2 x 3 microtitre plates, and centrifugal forces up to 24320 x g.

  • Maintenance-free brushless motor.
  • Diverse choices of rotors.
  • Exceptional capability in compact dimensions, maximizes workspace.
  • Powerful combination or motor and rotor, results in a high speed up to 16000rpm/24320 x g.
  • The refrigerated system not only has a cooling function but also have a heating function.
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