Portable Suction Units

Our portable range consists of four lightweight suction units that are battery and mains powered making them ideal for use both in and outside the hospital environment. These units are also widely used in ambulances, general wards, critical care units, clinics, out-patients and in the community.


  • Equipped with oil-less piston vacuum pump ensures lubrication free and maintenance free.
  • A 1000ml autoclaveable polycarbonate collection jar graduated in “ml” with fluid overflow preventive fitting.
  • Built-in vacuum gauge ranges 0 – 760mmHg (0 – 30inHg) easy for direct reading.
  • All models are CE-certified complied with EMC requirement of EN60601-1/EN60601-1-2/EN55011 Class B / IEC61000-3-2/IEC61000-3-3, IEC61000-3-3 and ISO10079:2009
  • Classified the equipment as Class I

For some models: (Rechargeable Lithium Battery for EMERGENCY purpose)

  • Built-in charging cable available for use in ambulance or anyplace where 12VDC is available for emergency purpose.
  • Lithium 12V rechargeable battery to charge by AC or DC power source in 2 hours approx. to the full load.
  • 1.5 hours can be used from the full charge of battery. Ideal for use in areas where the failure of mains power, unstable current or the blackout occurs every often. Light weight less than 3 kg convenient to carry anywhere.
  • 3 indicators: LOW BAT. (Red); Charging (Red – Green); Operation (Green color)
  • Lithium battery has been tested Safety: No Fire, No Explosion
  • Operated in AC power and also applied to operate in ambulance and car by the attached plug-in cable, but no rechargeable battery is applied. (AC /DC 12V, but not battery operated)
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